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Iron Chef America - Battle: Wild Boar

Iron Chef America Battle: Wild Boar

David Bull vs. Bobby Flay
October 8th, 2006 - 8pm (CST)
Food Network

Wild Boar supplied by Broken Arrow Ranch

Iron Chef America, Battle: Wild Boar - Chef David Bull from The Driskill HotelOn October 8th Chef David Bull from Austin's Driskill Hotel faced Iron Chef Bobby Flay. The featured ingredient was wild boar, supplied by Broken Arrow Ranch, which provided a great platform for Chef Bull and Chef Flay to showcase their talents.  After a hard fought battle, the judges awarded Chef Flay the victory. Congratulations to Chef Flay on another triumph. Congratulations to Chef David Bull, Chef de Cuisine Josh Watkins, and Sous Chef Jason Maddy for being selected as the first Texas chefs this season to compete on Iron Chef America.

Now you can be an Iron Chef at home.Chef David Bull has graciously supplied us with a recipe from the show: Rack of Wild Boar with Whiskey Apples, Pont LeVeque, Cipollini Onions.

Allez Cuisine!

David Bull's Wild Boar Menu
Wild Boar Carpaccio with Grilled Watermelon, Pistachios, Minus 8 Vinegar

Wild Boar 'Bacon' with Garlic Risotto, Chive Emulsion, Caraway Molasses Glaze

Rack of Wild Boar with Whiskey Apples, Pont LeVeque, Cipollini Onions

Roasted Boar Loin with Black Truffle Grits, Braised Fennel, Sage Brown Butter

Wild Boar Texas Pot Roast with Corn Whipped Potatoes, Coriander Salad, Tobacco Onions

Bobby Flay's Wild Boar Menu
Wild Boar Skewers with Hoisin Pineapple Glaze

Wild Boar Milanese Style

Rack of Wild Boar with Mustard and Bourbon Glaze

Molasses Braised Wild Boar with Sweet Potato Polenta

Wild Boar Two Ways: Poached in Duck Fat and Back Ribs with Pomegranate Glaze

The Boar War by Kitty Crider - Austin American-Statesman

The Driskill Hotel

Iron Chef America Battle: Venison