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Venison Burgers

Venison is a wonderful substitute for beef. While beef, particularly ground beef, is often fatty and inconsistent in quality, the venison that we sell at Broken Arrow Ranch is consistent in quality, flavor, and texture. Many times you are told, by your doctor or spouse, that you need to cut down on your red meat intake. Chicken and pork just do not provide the same rich flavor and texture that you can enjoy from beef.

Venison allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without the added fat. In fact, venison from the Axis deer contains less than two grams of fat per four ounces of meat. Compare this to the almost 19 grams of fat in four ounces of extra lean ground beef, and the choice is obvious. Venison also contains only 120 calories and 59 grams of cholesterol per four ounce serving as compared to the nearly 300 calories and 95 grams of cholesterol contained in the same amount of extra lean ground beef.

The venison that we sell can be used for tacos, spaghetti, or even hamburger casserole. The flavor is different, of course, but the meat blends well with any traditional recipe that calls for hamburger. Perhaps the best use of our ground venison, however, is in a venison burger. Our venison may soon replace your grocery store beef as the ingredient of choice for a succulent burger.

Just as with hamburgers, our venison will taste its best if it is not over handled. Add your pepper or spice blends and form your patties as quickly as possible. Cook on a hot grill or broil under a high heat. The venison burgers do not need to be prepared well done, but some people may prefer their burgers to be at least medium, if only because that is how they are used to eating a burger.