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Quail Poppers

1 pkg Diamond H Ranch Quail Poppers - 8 poppers total
1/2 cup BBQ Sauce of your choice (Recommend Sweet Baby Rays)

Heat grill to medium heat. Slightly separate poppers on skewers to create a small gap between each one. Place poppers on grill. Cook about 15 - 20 minutes while flipping the poppers several times. Brush each popper with BBQ sauce and cook additional 5 minutes to let the sauce set. Remove from grill and resist all urges to immediately put one in your mouth. Wait a few minutes to let them cool but don't wait too long or they'll be gone!

Oven Method: Turn on oven broiler. Place the poppers on a cooking tray about 8 - 10" below the broiler. Follow the same cooking instructions above.

Serves 4 as appetizers.

Diamond H Ranch